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I'm sick of JAMF timing out and already upvoted the feature request for adding a session timeout...

My issue is that the logout takes me to a page (https://mydomain.biz:8443/logout.html) and I have to goto the address bar, remove the logout.html and hit return, then relog.

It would be nice if it logged out to the login page for our JSS.

Does anyone have any workarounds or know if a feature request in process, etc?

Thanks for any help.


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Have to agree its a bit annoying to have to remove the loggout.html to re-sign in.  I thought this was a bug that got fixed a couple versions ago but it seems to have come back.  I can't remember if it only effects those using SSO or not.  In my case we are using SSO.

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this is an option when you get a dedicated instance (you used to be able to set it when we had on premises)  there are some fudges with some browser extensions and scripts, but not entirely comfortable with a 'hack' 

the feature req was in 2016.. so make of that what you will..