Looking for options to remote into computers outside of TeamViewer

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Currently looking for jamf app options that give the similar capabilities as Teamviewer where we can remote into the computer specifically at the Login Screen > as long as it is connected to a network and powered on. 


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If the computers are on your company's network, theoretically you can accomplish this with Apple Remote Desktop. BUT if they are outside your company's network like at a coffee shop, the library, working from home... then Apple Remote Desktop would not work. 

Ah yes, I am looking for something similar to TeamViewer's capability with Jamf - where you can remote into a computer that is outside of the company's network. 

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Might I suggest Splashtop? One thing that led me there was the efficient pricing and the ability to have SSO for our accounts without having to pay extra. The default config we use is the user must authorize login remotely if they are logged in but we can remote in if the machine is at the login window. You can obviously configure this how you'd like.

amazing, thank you for this suggestion > i'll check it out

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We are currently using ConnectWise Control. Lightweight and able to connect to device when it shows online, easy to update. Just have to do some configuration in the Privacy Settings to ensure you have full access. 

ok, I will also check that out as well. This is helpful!