Looking for others using jamf data externally

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I have been actively trying to find other Jamf customers that are leveraging jamf data in external systems.  Around things like data pipelines and webhook consumption. These features are great, but somewhat incomplete. I have been trying to find folks on LinkedIn and Mac Admin Slack to collaborate and present to jamf some features we need.

I wrote a series of blog posts on this with our data journey, you can view them here if you like:
Part I 

Part II 

Part III 


I have no idea how to find all my FRs I filed here on these subjects since the new JN layout is confusing with that regard, but here is what I am looking to improve with jamf data


  • Webhook - send a key/value if the policy was ran from self service on policy webhooks
  • Wehbook - ship the inventory record on an inventory event (prevents call backs, saves money)
  • Webhook - add UAPI events to webhooks, currently it is classic API only
  • Webhook - if a webhook fails send a failed event, currently it fails silently 
  • Webhook - on API Ops also include the API endpoint that was hit
  • Jamf API - ability to get change history and ingest it from all API endpoints
  • Jamf API - Send Hook Events when objects are created or modified 

That is just a quick list of improvements I think we can all benefit from.  How we consume and use data now it is no longer the case where we want to use an app, emails, or spreadsheets. Instead we want to ship all our data from all of our sources into a centralized data platform.  Having reliable and fast data pipelines is key to this.

If you are also looking for features around these things please chime in, as I am building a case for jamf product to add these features in.  Voice of the customer can help drive these features.