Lost Self-Service Mobile Device App Categories after 10.46 upgrade

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We performed the Jamf 10.46 upgrade last week, ever since all of the ticked Sef-Service categories for mobile device apps have disappeared. the categories are still there but have become unticked.


We are trying to manually go through all of our apps and re-add the assigned categories back under the Self-Service tab of the mobile device app configuration.


However, we have noticed a bug now with categories, that sometimes, when creating a new category, it will either fail to add (spitting out a 404) a new category, or instead edit the last added category. I thought it might have been an issue w/ ampersands, spaces or colons, but even with 'plain' names, without spaces, it is still bugging. 


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PI111371: Mobile applications deployed via Self Service category icon missing/grayed out. Will be fixed in 10.47 (my description)

Workaround for new applications being added:
General: Set app category to none, Save
Self Service: Select the desired Display In General: Select the desired Category, Save

Fix for existing categories at scale follow this link.