Lync web plug-in, LWAPlugin15.8.bundle

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Do you manage or install the Lync web plug-in?

If yes, do you put it into /Library/Internet Plug-Ins or do you put it in ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins ?

The installer from Microsoft wants to place it into the user's folder, which is ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins. I believe this is so the user won't need admin rights to update or replace it. The issue I want to avoid is when a user joins a web meeting for the first time, they are prompted to install the web plug-in, which causes frustration when your in a rush to join a meeting.

If I deploy it to /Library/Internet Plug-ins, then any user of the device won't see the prompt to install it and it's just there ready to go. But I'll also need to manage and update as needed.

For this plug-in, is it best practice to install it in each user's library or the main library?