m1 Chip - MDM failure

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We are using the user initiated enrollment through Safari (users authenticate) on Big Sur V. 11.2.3. We have Rosetta setup on the mac.

When we run the enrollment it pulls a quickpkg but it never seems to run the MDM profile. Any idea why? It tells us to go in and approve the profile in sys pref. but there are no profiles loaded when we open it. It offers to locate it manually. Can we pull the MDM manually from somewhere?


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QuickAdd packages do not work to install MDM profiles, as Apple removed this functionality. The preferred method to enroll into MDM is Automated Device Enrollment (DEP) or User Initiated Enrollment via the /enroll URL for jamf.

ie. https://yourJSSurl:8443/enroll

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We have been using the User Initiated Enrollment with URL (https://domain.jamfcloud.com/enroll). This still pushes a quick add package. Can that be changed? Or does the URL need to be different?

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That means the APNS certificate needs to be renewed if you're getting a quick add package from your enroll URL.

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Not establishing effective (as in right-sized) governance (too many folks, too big a program, not designed to operate at the speed of business) Not even attempting operational governance (i.e. myLoneStar login)