M1 Mac, can't sign into local account


I have a M1 MacBook. Today I wiped it and reloaded it (erase hard disk, reinstall Mac OS Big Sur). It creates a local administrator account during the prestage setup.

I log in as that administrator and create another local account using using users and groups.

The other local account has user folders, it shows up in users and groups

However, I can't sign in to any local accounts. Even if I then create another local account via JAMF, I still can't sign in. I just get the little shake of the screen as if I've entered a bad password (which I have not).

I can create one account, or 10 and none of them will let me sign in.

Any ideas?



Ended up resolving it. My Mac was prior impacted by the No administrators bug and I previously always had to "erase Mac" in order to get the OS to load. When I loaded the Mac the first time today, it activated and it appeared that bug was gone, but yet I had problems signing in with local accounts.

I went back and reset the password and "erase Mac" like I did before and this time, it let me sign into extra local accounts.