Mac Admin removal - temporary grant/white list

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Hi - so our organization is wanting to remove admin access to all users ( windows/mac); our macs are not joined to the domain - managed with JAMF and self service portal.  What is the best way to allow users the ability to temporally have admin rights on their mac and is there a white listing/approval option. I'm slowly taking over the JAMF/MAC responsibilities and just need some direction. I have been shown a script that can run in self service and also the but wanted feedback. On windows, I was used to a product called cyberarc in my previous role where we outlined whitelisted apps; but users could be given temporary access for specific functions/applications be either over ride or a code we would send. 



Hi @ckelley 

i found this one working pretty good, with some mods of course.

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You can also use a product called Beyond Trust. It's similar to CyberArk, but more user friendly. It even has built in Jamf support to make your job easier.