Mac App Store apps suck installing

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I've got a couple of Mac App Store apps scoped to all computers (iMovie and GarageBand). The apps are set to automatically install and are licensed through VPP.

The apps install successfully in most cases, however if the computer they're being installed on gets shut down, goes to sleep or loses network connectivity during the installation then the apps will be stuck in "pending" with status "installing" forever.

The only solution I've found is to manually cancel the installing apps through the computer's history tab, then run "jamf recon" a couple of times or wait for the daily inventory collection. As this has to be done on a per-device basis it's extremely time consuming.

Is there a way of making apps automatically retry installation if they fail?



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I was having some issues after DEP enrollments with app store items not installing, also some existing machines would do the same.

There would be a build up of pending commands in management history and until cleared, nothing would progress. 

I use the following script, once per day on check in which greatly improved the workflow. Apps are already installing by the time a user logs in after enollment. 

Worth checking out!