Mac Apps patching - control the versions

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I wanted to share my experience with the "Mac apps" feature within our organization, which has proven to be quite efficient in deploying applications like Zoom and Slack. The functionality is impressive; however, I've noticed that many of these apps release updates every three days. As a result, our employees are becoming somewhat overwhelmed with the frequency of these updates.

I'm reaching out for guidance on how best to manage this situation. I'm interested in controlling the deployment of app versions to mitigate the constant update notifications. Ideally, I'd like to transition to a bi-weekly update schedule to reduce the impact on our employees.

Your assistance in addressing this matter would be greatly appreciated. I acknowledge that the "Mac apps" feature offers distinct advantages over the alternative of manually uploading PKG files and creating individual policies for each app. This method ensures compatibility with both Intel and Apple processors.

Thank you for your support in optimizing our app deployment strategy.


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Had the same question. Looking at maybe something with deferrals and notifications