Mac Apps Software Updates

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Hello Jamf Nation,


We are looking into changing the way we release software updates through Self Service.


Currently we utilize AutoPkgr and we have it setup with several custom scrips to automatically upload and attach packages to our policies setup in Patch Management every friday.


We are currently looking into switching over to the "Mac Apps" in JAMF with titles managed by JAMF in the JAMF Software Catalog (we have about 30 that can be switched over).


After some testing, we love the functionality and the capabilities available in the Mac Apps area with the exception of being able to customize/schedule WHEN software updates are pushed. Again, we currently have all software updates pushed to production every friday but I'm not seeing any way to be able to do that in the Mac Apps area or utilizing Mac Apps in conjunction with Patch Management.


Am I missing something? Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?


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As its MDM based... the 'when' is somewhat arbitrary.. when you enable.. the update may install that day or the next day or even the next day.. its.. a bit.. fluid..

We track them all via Patch Management (which is not always in step with JAMF Mac app versions) but.. really to keep it simple, scope to 'does X app exist' and use that.. 

You won't ever get X app updating on Y day... 

Note, our fleet is disbursed globally, with WFM and office based.. If your all in one office location.. maybe its a bit more instant.. 

You could get creative with a timed policy and EA and some tagging for the smart group.. but. more work that its worth..