Mac network drive - saving issues

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We have a script that connects to a network drive - works a treat give the user permission to the folders using NTFS etc it creates a link on the users desktop. (creates a hard drive to the root of the share on the finder window)

The issue is when the user is trying to save from word or adobe, when the user clicks save as it brings up the finder window which shows the root of the share but not the exact map that shows on the desktop. Has anyone else had this issue and is there a work around other than saving to desktop or documents and then dragging the file to the correct location on the share?

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Not sure I completely followed your post so take my comments with a grain of salt.

We map from Mac to NTFS file shares on a Windows Server. We use DFS and Access Based Enumeration on the file server(s).

We found Mac users needed Read permission at every level of the Windows server folder path from root to destination. We could set the mapping to a deeper level shared folder but the user would not see it unless they had permission to "traverse" the entire path.

In relation to your comment about SaveAs, I can make an argument that you need the traverse permissons and one that maybe you don't need them so not sure this helps. Especially if this is not a brand new implementation for you as it was when we discovered this...

I had had trouble writing a script that maps the network drives so would be interested in your solution if you are willing to share. We use the setting to follow the AD Home path which works fine for us but could use a better solution for mapping other shares.

On some machines we run into what I think is a Catch22 with the DFS target because it contains our domain as part of the path and sometimes the Macs try to map to the AD netlogon and sysvol shares. It is as if a small sample of machines cannot resolve the full path to the share. ex: dfs share path would be domaindfsshare vs. the failure result which is just domain and the native AD shares under domain are netlogon and sysvol

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As far as NTFS permissions work on the share it works fine. It's just that users have issues saving as as the share doesn't show in the finder window. Only the root of the network share which is of no use.

The script I use is as follows and works a treat if you need to drag and drop files into it from the desktop. I save the apple script as an application which I have then setup a PKG to place the app in the applications folder dependant on who logs on (teacher or student) and they get the correct application to run to start the network share. Works really nicely:

tell application "Finder" activate try display dialog "Mounting Zappa Drive" mount volume "smb://zappa/music" display dialog "Zappa is available in finder" on error display dialog "This mount was not available" end try end tell

I also don't like the way that Jamf connnects the AD users account on the mac so created my own script that checks what AD user is logged in and then mounts their network home path. Much nicer than JAMF version:

set loggedInUser to do shell script "whoami" set ADHome to loggedInUser mount volume "smb://homepathsharelocation" & ADHome