Mac not restarting via policy at login window

New Contributor III

I have a prestage enrollment that auto skips all setup pages and creates a local admin account.

I have a policy that runs after successful prestage enrollment that does two things: 1. Runs a script to set auto login for the account created during the prestage enrollment, and 2. reboots the machine immediately.

The script successfully runs and the logs say the following:

Blessing macOS System on /...
Creating Reboot Script...

But the system never reboots.

If I manually sign in with the only user account on the Mac, the system reboots within seconds of hitting the desktop.

If I manually reboot from the login window without logging in, the system logs in automatically (as it should), but then immediately reboots once it hits the desktop.

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Should it be rebooting at the login window?