Mac OS client checking in, but not reporting

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I have a few clients for some reason stopped reporting (Last Report), but are still checking in (Last Time) on their normal schedule. I corrected one yesterday just by removing the framework and reinstalling the client, but I would like to know why the others are not reporting and avoid having to do un/re-install. Logs are vague and I tried to Recon the client and I get a generic "Recon failed" error.

Any thoughts? Lee


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Well trying a remote inventory gave me a better error message:

Recon failed to submit to the JSS. Downloading the JSS CA Certificate...
There were (1) previous JAMF device identities found on this computer. Removing...
This computer was successfully enrolled to the JSS with the following device certificate: "yada yada yada"
Failed to submit inventory
Getting management framework from the JSS...

There was an error.

Error enrolling computer: Could not connect to the JSS - Status - 407

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I have seen about 150 machines in my environment with the same problem after upgrading to JSS 8.6.

In my case, they were mostly timing out sending inventory. So, you may want to create a smart group to detect those machines and assign them a policy with a script to remove time restriction:

/usr/sbin/jamf log
/usr/bin/security set-keychain-settings '/Library/Application Support/JAMF/JAMF.keychain'

In the same policy you could check the box for inventory update.