Mac Security Token and forgoten password


I have a M1 MacBook Air with Big Sur that has a problem. The computer has a user account that has the security token, but the user does not know the password. The second admin account, and any other account I create cannot change the password of the original account, because it is the only one with a security token. The computer was enrolled through user enrollment, not DEP (going forward, we are now enrolling with DEP).

Can you please confirm whether there is ANY way to reset the password of the account with the security token, or if the only solution is to erase the laptop?


Release Candidate Programs Tester

You'll likely need to boot to macOS Recovery and use the Reset Password assistant.


Thanks, but unfortunately, in order to reset a password from recovery, you need the password for an account with a security token, and sadly, that is the account for which we do not know the password. I am pretty sure that put's us in a Catch 22 where the only solution is to wipe the computer.

However, I did have a different computer with the identical problem that spontaneously "fixed" itself and allowed me to change the password, so I was hoping that there was some solution that someone knew of so that I could help other students who I am sure will eventually have the same issue.