Mac set-up - enroll - best method - new devices

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Hello together,

right now we set our new devices the following way up:

  • install Mac OS
  • local admin account
  • install needed programmes
  • user account
  • enroll via user-initiated enrolment
  • settings, printer ...

I know there are faster approaches. So my question:

Which processes are you using? Imaging, DEP? As beginner I'am overheImed by all the options. Is it possible to take a USB Stick (or connect the device via LAN with Jamf server or directly via JSS) to get all the needed steps done? If not: which steps can I group the easiest way?

Ihm really great full for your help and excited what you use and why.

Best regards Maurice


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DEP is the future and it's important to get setup now. What we have setup at our org, we give the enduser a never booted Mac, they open it, turn it on, connect to our wifi, authenticate with their credentials, and then DEP and JAMF take over. It installs configuration profiles, apps, restrictions, etc. Our basic installs are pretty light and then we encourage endusers to use Self Service to get the stuff they want/need. We use a great app called SplashBuddy that gives a GUI to the enduser of what's going on when all the automagic configurations are happening. I HIGHLY recommend getting on the MacAdmins Slack. I've learned so much between JAMF Nation and Slack and the community is amazing and very helpful.

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Check out DEPNotify! It's easy and customizable. They're adding new features all of the time (there's a fork in Slack that even allows Youtube videos and websites to be displayed!)

I have a few write-ups on my site:

I just did a presentation on how we're using DEPNotify with jamf, it's also on my site.

Good luck!

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DEP here for all new devices. If we have an older MacBook that needs to be rebuilt for whatever reason it's a /enroll.

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Would anyone have any idea as to why my Text or popups are not showing on the registration screen??
The fields are populated??


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So to enroll in Jamf, either use "User Initiated Enrollment" or DEP. Preferably DEP.

Once enrolled, then you can start looking at constructing your deployment policies around a tool like DEP Notify to make the process more automatic as the others have mentioned.

@kerouak to answer that question, can you post your DEP Notify preferences and script?

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Use DEP, check out the Zero Touch deployment webinar that JAMF produced on this topic for more info.