Mac Software Update via MDM command not working after JAMF upgrade

New Contributor III

Hi all,

We've recently upgraded our test JAMF on-premises instance from 10.48 to 10.50 - which means management account password became randomised (it wasn't before).

Previously, we were using same account as management one with the same password in PreStage enrolment settings (where it's created before Setup Assistant), then we were logging in with that account first to grant volume ownership and bootstrap token privileges, and all MDM commands for software updates worked perfectly (almost).

Now, however, we had to switch to another account with another password for all pre-stages, as we obviously cannot keep same name as management one. We've also logged in with that account first to grant all privileges, checked bootstrap token successfully escrowed and tried mass action software update to find nothing is happening.

Is it expected behaviour or are we missing something? Thanks!