MacBook appears in Jamf Pre-enrollment list of devices, but not the main Managed Computers search

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In our Computers - PreStage Enrollments, it shows 63 devices. One of them is the target device. The Jamf Connect and Jamf Connect Login are scoped to all devices and users

Auto assign new devices is checked. Make MDM Profile Mandatory is checked. Automatically advance through Setup Assistant is on.

If I click Computers - Search, it only shows 61 devices. Trying to limit the company data I share, but please let me know if I need to include any more information.




Computers - 61

It's a latest M2 Max MacBook Pro, it did successfully enroll before a few months ago but can't now. All our server and content tokens are current, even recently updated.

The device was unassigned and reassigned to Jamf in ABM. 

What else needs to be done? There shouldn't need to be any intervention by the remote user. Please tell me all the things I should check on our end to get this laptop to properly enroll. He's already wiped it since last syncing everything on our Jamf MDM, and it just starts him up like a regular local MacBook Pro user.


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The list of computers in your PreStage is a list of all Macs available to enroll in your Jamf instance. The list of computers in Jamf inventory is a list of all enrolled Macs.

Think of your ABM PreStage as a waiting room of devices. Not all of them are enrolled.

If a device in your PreStage is assigned to a user it should be enrolled, either via UIE (/enroll endpoint) or using:

sudo profiles renew --type enrollment

Note: If the device has been in use for more than a year, it will be necessary to run the following command and reboot, before running the first command:

sudo rm /Library/Keychains/apsd.keychain