MacBook Pro (Touch Bar) thinks it's from 2041

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Been struggling with macOS 10.12 Sierra and NetBoot, similar to:
I seem to have gotten most of that sorted out so now I can actually image MacBook Pro computers with Touch Bar.
However, I'm getting a weird behaviour where, as the computer starts up, the clock is set to the year 2041:
$ date
Tue 15 Jan 2041 20:52:18 AEDT
Naturally this impacts Active Directory binding, as well as the JSS trust relationship, due to the certificates seeming to be expired (from the perspective of the year 2041).
Performing a network time sync fixes it temporarily, but when the computer restarts, the clock reverts back to 2041 and the problem starts again. Machines have been SMC reset, NVRAM reset. This isn't just one machine either, it's like Touch Bar MBP.
Even more bizarre, /var/log/system.log entries are date stamped Dec 10, while though the clock thinks it's Jan 15 -- even though it's really May 12:
Dec 10 13:23:39 C02T52APGTFL syslogd[35]: ASL Sender Statistics
This is driving me nuts. Anyone else seen it? Any ideas?


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Known issue.
Try the latest beta release form Apple.