MacBook Stuck in Loop on TimeZone Conflicts during DEP

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Hi Guys

So, Ive got a MacBook that I erased from Jamf and strangely on reboot it didn't lock the firmware with the passcode I set.......not too fussed about that at the moment as I currently have a MacBook that I can't progress into setup...

So I wiped it and reinstalled from the recovery failed to enrol....

I then did internet recovery and it installed BS this time round but DEP still had this issue about automatic configuration settings.

I then realised the clock was showing a time zone of PST so the MacBook thinks its currently 05:50am, I "think" this may be the issue enrolling as the time date mis match is causing a conflict.

Now I could try terminal to change the timezone but guess what we don't have the _mbsetupuser password as its an apple local hidden account.

If I reboot to recovery mode the time is correct, its only during the startup scripts, I choose United Kingdom, select my wifi and there clear as day is the 5am time....

Any ideas to get out of this loop?