MacOS 10.13.6 Endless Loop

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Any help on this would be much appreciated. We have two MacBooks which we've installed Jamf on. It appears that before being enrolled these two machines must have pulled down the 13.6 update but it was not installed by the user.

After the enrolment, Jamf rebooted the machine and began its update of the OS. But after the machine reboots, this message appears 4d735c3a52e74203af2bdac0e2c6c53b and after you reboot, its gets stuck in a loop. The only way to stop it is to go into the boot options and reselect the hard disk.

Now, if you go into the AppStore, the 13.6 update does not show up, so we downloaded the Combo Update for 13.6, but when you run the installer, you get the following message b5709948f192449dbe526f7faf940ba6 stopping us installing the update.

Before the machine was enrolled, updating this machine hasn't been a problem. Does anyone have any ideas?


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I saw this the other day too. We booted into Safe Mode ok, but still would loop when rebooting normally. ended up imaging the damn thing. Not that this helps you at all, but you are not alone.

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Combo Updates don’t work. Use the full installer instead.

I read on a public forum that this is fixed in 10.14 Beta 4.


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@donmontalvo I find that interesting as the update that was applied to the Mac in question in our environment was downloaded via softwareupdate command / jamf policy

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Already tried to bless the macintosh HD bootdisk with starting up with ALT and after that CNTRL on the selected disk till a looping icon appears and click it