macOS 14 Sonoma - Setup Assisten Options

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Hello everyone,
Now Sonoma is finally released. I guess we're not alone in having trouble rolling in Macs with Sonoma. In our case we unchecked the following under Setup Assistent Options in PreStage to get it to work with Ventura:

Location Services, Transfer Information, Apple Pay, Registration, iCloud Diagnostics, All Your Files in iCloud, Choose your Look, True Tone Display, Terms of Address

In Ventura all options wasn't shown but it worked. We haven't got this set up to work with Sonoma. When it comes to Transfer Information and you click Not yet the screen goes black. Even tried to uncheck all and check Setup Assistant above Options, then it skips Creating local user account like in the link bellow.

Has anyone succeeded to enroll a Mac with reinstalled Sonoma (final) yet without any problems? If so, how does your Setup Assistant Options look?


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I've somewhat successfully enrolled a mac mini with Sonoma.  What I mean is that all the screens I would expect to see based on my options (language, WiFi, access remote management) were displayed, and settings which were set automatically such as location and creating a local admin user automatically were successful.  From that perspective it was exactly the same as setting up a mac under Ventura.

Where I am struggling is half of the profiles are not installing, the main configuration profile which includes restrictions to prevent students accessing certain parts of Settings etc will not install, and even JAMF policies such as DeclarativeManagement and ContentCaching seem to be stuck, as are policies which have always worked to install Pages, Numbers etc.

I've not found anyway to push these along.


Hi, I am facing a lot of challenges while installing the mac os Sonoma. the problem is the users get a black screen when restarting the system after Sonoma install. the only option is to reformat and revert back to ventura.

Do you have any fix for this? please it will be a massive help

I used the workaround bellow, worked good for me.

Here's the provided work around that allowed User Creation to work again during Enrollment.

Login to Jamf Pro and go to Settings > Global > User Initiated Enrollment > macOS. Here uncheck "Create management account".