macOS ALF allow list not registering

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We are trying to manage the macos application layer firewall from the mdm using either the built in settings to allow built in incoming connections and not allow downloaded signed apps.  We then want to add a list of exceptions by bundle Id as per the docs.  When we do this either through the mdm gui or a config profile pushed to the device the application appears in list of allowed applications but when the users open the app it still prompts ‘do you want to allow incoming connections for’ even though it is already in the list.


Has anyone any idea why this is or how to fix making things very difficult for us to manage the firewall on our devices?





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Are you using the Jamf's Firewall Settings in Config Profiles?

Is it happening with all the apps you've defined or a select few?


All of the apps - it is very strange behaviour happening on multiple devices.