macOS Big Sur clients are requesting PRK to boot.


Hallo Jamfnation i got a question: We have some macOS BigSur clients that are asking for the personal recovery key, most of them are M1 Macbook airs with standard users with a securetoken.

It is totally at random so after a reboot or shutdown and then cold start users are presented to type in there PRK, even saw it after an enrollment.

The clients that are requesting the PRK are under macOS 11.4

Is this familiar to some one?


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I'm currently experiencing this. Everything was working fine, enrolling, using Jamf Connect in this case. After the initial setup all looks good but then on reboot i'm asked for the PRK, currently testing with 11.3.1.

I only have a single M1 test Mac, this has only started happening with this unit the past couple of days.