macOS Catalina and vpp redownload call timed out <mdmclienterror:72>


My environment with clients running macOS Catalina and Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) v14.3 RU2 with "SEP Network Security" content filter active all encounter vpp redownload call timed out <mdmclienterror:72> persistently when downloading volume purchased apps using Self Service and persists even with the firewall disabled by SEP policy.  Ironically, it's not a problem with macOS Big Sur.  Anyone else with SEP 14.3 RU2 in their environment having this kind of issue too?


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Yes, I'm experiencing the same issue with deploying VPP apps to computers with macOS Catalina and SEP 14.3 RU2. Making the SEP Network Security service inactive does not change the behaviour. Only removing the SEP client from the computer allows VPP apps to be deployed successfully.

Thank you for sharing your side of this experience.

After some more testing I was able to get some VPP apps to install successfully after making the SEP Network Security service inactive. It's still very slow though.