MacOs Intune Integration error

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We are having problems trying to integrate macos into intune to use Conditional access policies.

the Company Portal app v2.16.210501 is downloaded and install during setup.

However we attempting to use the Intune integration client we receive this error:

Registration with Intune failed. Run the item again, ensuring your computer is connected to the internet. If you still cannot connect, contact your IT department. Details: Couldn't communicate with a helper application

Anyone else seen this problem


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I have similar issues. And Company Portal refuses to launch from Self Service. All it ever does is reinstall. The only way to open Company Portal without totally wrecking the Jamf MDM is to have the Intune Registration profile launch it for you. Also, unless steps are taken both Company Portal and Intune Registration want to disappear from Self Service once they have deployed. My latest client registration attempt fails with Company Portal reporting "Loading Company Resources", and hanging there.

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I had a similar problem:

Ive found reimaging the system works about 99% of the time which is a awful solution.
Upgrading the OS from Catalina to Big Sur seems to fix the issue often as well if you are lucky enough to be on that OS.

There is another process that Jamf recommend but ive had only had success with this about 2 out of 5 times, feel free to give it a try though:
1. Run the Nuke Jamf script on the affected Mac

2.Remove the Company Portal App

3.Remove the MDM Profile

4.Delete the device record from Intune/Azure

5.Restart the Mac

6.redo the enrollment process.

Good Luck