macos patch

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Maybe I am seeing this wrong but in Jamf Pro under patch management you see the latest mac patch that came out yesterday 9/14/21 but you have to manually add the package for this patch? Is this how others are patching for mac os updates? 


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There is no full installer for 11.6, imo it should be 11.5.3 but thats for another discussion.

@mordeeb Check out -


Super easy to use & push the end user to the software updates in a pinch. Can't wait for Monterey!


I patch macos a little differently, the moment the os is released I download a full installer, package the installer with megapkgr, deploy the full installer, once jamf sees the full installer was deployed to the end user machines, it kicks off a prompt allowing the end user to defer for a certain period of time (OR NOT! Depending on Security) then when times up or if its a forced update, a script is triggered and runs from jamf to install the macos silently.





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