macOS Sonoma 14.0

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I looking for a script that will force my machines to do an update to the latest version. Especially since we are required to use macOS Sonoma 14.0.


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SUPERMAN is your answer:

I have been looking at it but the super version only shows 13.4 OS. Maybe I am missing something

Do you have configuration profile restricting Major updates?

Can you see Sonoma via the System Settings on the same Mac?

No major restrictions. I do see Sonoma via the System Settings on the same Mac

Ok, that could be a super configuration.

Best check the Mac Admin Slack


Why can't it just update to MacOS 14.0 by itself and not just stop at 13.6?

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Read the SUPER Wiki Documentation.  Upgarding to new OS is covered:

ok the only thing I am seeing is to run locally but I will continue to review. 

I went through it and not sure what I am missing. It still gives the user the option to update instead of just updating the user on its own.

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Also as mentioned... check in the MacAdmins SUPER slack channel.