macOs Ventura Login Items

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hi All,


Looking for some advise , We are stating to release macOS Ventura to the org and we have noticed that you can disable certain apps from the Login Items on Ventura - specifically a security agent that we have running...

Is there a way to block this? or disable the user from doing it...






Hello @rkeleghan 

Here is an articles I have used to help us setup the login items:

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@gabe2385 Thanks for sending on.. yes I have seen this but Im unable to get working ...

Any advise on how to get it working ...Please send one... 
Im also looking at this -


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The page @gabe2385 linked to is the solution - well, one.

It works if you follow the steps...

Using it here, and if I have to add more apps, I just create a new Profile and upload it...

Hello @rkeleghan 

I have noticed that it will not work if the profile is not signed when using iMazing. 

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Yeah, sign them.  Make sure your info in the iMazing setup is correct before you sign it as it is not editable once in Jamf... and you can't see a lot of these new Profile details in Jamf yet as the keys for Ventura items are missing in a lot of places.  But forget how it looks and just build, then test.  It's hard not having a full GUI to see the profile bits, but it is what Apple says it is.

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I found this guide (and umpteen of the other guides on offer, at this AWESOME website ) to be a lifesaver.

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Thank you! I had never created a signing certificate, and their instructions were awesome. Uploading it to Jamf without signing it did NOT create the profile as various instructions say, and I'm on 10.42.1.


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You could follow the lovely instructions from JAMF at:

Or you could quasi-cheat and use an app called "iMazing Profile Editor" and add the payload for Service Management - Managed Login Items.  Makes it super easy to add them.  You can use the app to also sign the profile and them upload it to JAMF Pro.  

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I created a profile using iMazing and uploaded to Jamf and deployed to my test machine and it worked fine, but I didn't sign the profile. Anyone know why this would work without signing, or I guess more importantly what are the possible issues I may see down the road by not signing it?