Make A Non DEP iPhone or iPad Supervised in AC2 & Restore Existing (Non Supervised) iCloud Back Up

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This is my first post so be gentle! :)

I have an issue which I can not seem to figure out...

I have a number of iPhones & iPads which were brought not through DEP and users (inc myself) have restored their old iCloud backup (messages, photos, contacts, etc) to the device to continue working with it.

When I plug the device into AC2 and load a blueprint to the device and go through the set up on say an iPhone and get all the way through setting it up as a new device it shows at the top of the screen in setting that it is a supervised device which is what i want.

If i follow the same process i.e. wipe the device and load the blueprint in AC2 and go through the set up options and either restore from an iCloud backup or restore from an iTunes back up the device is restored with all the message, contacts, photos etc but it becomes a non supervised device i.e. in settings at the top it does not say 'this device is supervised'.

Any ideas how to get around this i.e. I want to make the device supervised with the backup restored and then i can enrol it into JAMF.

Hope that makes sense you.. if not please say and i will add more detail!

Thanks in advance for your help! :)



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Hey Matt,

I'm currently sat in my CCT course and asked the instructor the question while I'm here and according to him this is not possible.

This used to be available in earlier versions of iOS (7.0) and Configurator 1.5 but has since been deprecated and is no longer possible.
It's really unfortunate as I'm currently in the process of configuring JAMF Now for myself and want to supervise my iPhone without having to wipe all content.

Looks like I'll be starting from scratch!

Hope this helps