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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Reenroll non-DEP-Devices after wipe

Hi everybody,Is there a way to automatically re-enroll devices after a wipe command that are not managed by DEP (so no preStage enrollment)? We have some older devices that are not managed by Apple Business Manager (unfortunately) and are enrolled th...  View more

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All around prestage setup possible?

Hello everyone,Last year (Monterey) and the year before (Big Sure) we encountered problems now and then when enrolling Mac.Depending on what version om macOS that was installed the Macs crashed/shutdown with black screen in the end of the prestage in...  View more

Prestage - Big Sur - Monterey.jpg Prestage - Monterey - Ventura.jpg
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Stuck at Remote Management during Enrollment

Last week, maybe 2 or 3 days after our Jamf instance went up to 10.48, we've been running into issues with Automated Device Enrollment.During a fresh install of macOS 13.4, we get stuck at the Remote Management screen, where the message "Waiting for ...  View more

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MacOs Intune Integration error

We are having problems trying to integrate macos into intune to use Conditional access policies. the Company Portal app v2.16.210501 is downloaded and install during setup. However we attempting to use the Intune integration client we receive this er...  View more

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Big Sur Remote Enrollment Missing Profiles

I have enrolled a computer on osx 11.4 using recon's remote enrollment. The computer now appears in my inventory (yay) and is running some policies (yay) and even launches self service (yay) But self service briefly instructs me to approve the MDM Pr...  View more

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Prestage enroll an existing Mac

Restart the Mac and hold CMD + R to launch Recovery Mode Launch Terminal from Recovery Mode Run the following command to ensure “.AppleSetupDone” file is listed: ls -la "/Volumes/Macintosh HD - Data/private/var/db" Run the following command to remove...  View more

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JAMF Cloud Self Enroll User Screen

When trying to use self-enrollment we can authenticate using SSO, but on the "assign to user" screen, we aren't able to pick anyone, even if they have a JAMF user set up. Do you have to have LDAP for this? Off-prem LDAP is not supported at our organi...  View more

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Released Devcies

Hello! I am wondering how Released Devices in Apple Business Manager relate to managed devices in JAMF. I suppose my first question is: Are devices automatically released in ABM when they are replaced through Apple? Or do devices need to be manually ...  View more

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Teem EventBoard and LobbyConnect deployment plist

When deploying EventBoard and LobbyConnect, the app starts with a code to use to activate the iPad with the Teem Servers connecting it to your system and letting you use it. One huge challenge here is once deployed, the iPads might not be in the same...  View more

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Managed iPad No Internet Connection

I have set up a pre-enrollment profile for iPads, but also have it to where multiple users can sign into the iPad. After initial setup, I am brought to the login screen, but there is no internet connection available to sign in to an account. There is...  View more

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Expired Push Certificate and Re Enrollment

Our institution's push certificate expired, a new one was created and uploaded. My question is around getting the MDM profiles updated on our machines. Is there an easy way I can utilize JAMF (or even ARD?) to automatically update the MDM profile on ...  View more

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Macbook's not checking in

Hi We have a bunch of macbooks we want to enrol into JAMF just to manage updates and software etc. I've manually enrolled them through the URL for JAMF Cloud, all seems well, and downloaded the profile and installed, i can see them in JAMF but they d...  View more

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Imacs unenrolling by themselves

I have several iMacs that unenroll themselves from JAMF. When this happens. I check the profiles and they are all or almost all gone. There may only be one or two left. I go and enroll them again through our portal but they eventually unenroll again ...  View more

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Certificate Enrollment

Hi, I am within my first year with JAMF which has been fantastic. It looks like our Push Notification Certificate is expiring. How does it work with JAMF to renew it? Do the end users notice anything or is it all handled in the cloud/back end? When d...  View more

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JAMF enrolled laptop showing unenrolled in JAMF Pro

Several laptops, including my own, were enrolled in jamf and working fine. But now, when i go to jamf pro, it shows as if the laptops are not assigned to anyone. Because of this, I can't add the device to any new policies. The first screen is the vie...  View more

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