Make Self Service Notifications "Alert" Style Notifications

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Morning! I find it odd that there doesn't appear to be a way to configure Self Service notifications to be "Alerts", in other words stay visible in the upper right corner of the desktop until a user clicks on them.

Is there a setting I am missing, or has anyone figured out a way to make them stay visible so a user has a chance to install an software update, such as a patch policy, before it is enforced automatically?


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There isn't anything you're missing. Jamf just doesn't deploy the application that displays the alerts in that configuration. I don't know why. There is a feature request here that asks for this exact thing that you may want to add your vote to if you haven't already.
I agree it's a poor user experience how it's set up now, especially since when a patch is about to enforced, you REALLY want to be sure your end users are seeing that message.

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We've been using the following script instead of Self Service notifications. It appears to be working much better for our users.

Here's a great write up on how to use it:

Hope this helps.