Making My Case to Management for Jamf Pro

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Hi Folks,

My employer is a 100% Mac organization currently using Microsoft Intune to management the computers and Azure for SSO. Intune isn't the greatest for managing Macs. Azure SSO is fine and we'll most likely stick with it.

How do I sell management on Jamf Pro when there's cheaper solutions like Mosyle?

I like that there's a big community, so anything I'm trying to do has most likely been done before. There's also a ton of open source resources available that seem to specifically target integration with Jamf.



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Well without sounding like a JAMF Pamphlet.
Day zero support,
Large community,
It covers MAC OSX and IOS,
It works out of the box, You just set it up how you want it to work, with as much or as little control over the workstations.
If you choose to add Jamf Protect, that install is simplicity and works instantly.
Their support team are excellent.

I have never once regretted our move to JAMF.

We are an Education provider, and are running principally Windows PC's with some Macs, Chromebooks, iPads and Android phones. And for this we use 4 MDM solutions, I like Jamf the best by a long way.