Manage "Open using Rosetta" in lab environment

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I have a room of M1 Mac Minis used for a Digital Art/Printing lab. The instructors like to use a plug-in that has not yet been updated to run natively on Apple silicon, so to use the plugin the students/users have been finding the Adobe, getting info, and ticking the Rosetta box manually... nearly every time they go to run the app (the user account is removed upon log out and refreshed via script).

I'm curious if anyone has any experience managing these settings. They appear to be set in a plist file in the user's Library folder: ~/Library/Preferences/; but I have not had any success trying to manage this with a custom config profile in Jamf, nor does dropping the preconfigured file into place during account creation keep that box checked.


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Hi all,

i've the same problem, i need to open with rosetta word for a plugin, but i didn't find any solution.

I've tried to put .plist file in the right directory and also package with setted the flag but doesn't worked

There is someone that solved this problem?



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anyone solved?