Manage Users and Groups

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We have all shared computers (imacs and macbooks) in our K-12 school district. Since they are shared we need the user experience for a 1st grader to be different for a 5th grader when using the same computer.. For example, we want a 1st grader to only have 3-4 apps in their dock. The very next period, a 5th grader should have 8-9. Can Casper do this for us?


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In your situation, I might create a user called '1st grade' and a user called '5th grade' with a profile customized as you'd like. Then I'd backup that home directory (tar -cf /usr/local/mycompany/1stgradebackup.tar /Users/1stgrade) I'd also have a script or package to 'reinstall' the /Users/1stgrade directory and set permissions after each user so it's clean for the next user. (tar -xf /usr/local/mycompany/1stgradebacckup.tar -C /Users/). And script it with a logout hook.

What you are asking for is not something you're going to do without some scripting.