Managed Apple apps are reverting to unmanaged


We continue to see issues where Apple apps such as Keynote, Pages, iMovie and especially Clips are suddenly reverting to asking for an AppleID to use and show in the JSS as unmanaged. When we first discovered this every device was wiped twice to force these apps to reinstall through JSS. We have gone through two summers of collection and reformatting to where these apps would definitely be managed through JSS. We continue to have them revert to unmanaged on a near global scale. It has happened at least twice this school year alone. Are others seeing this behavior and is there a solution? We keep apps locked so students cannot delete them because of our filtering app being required as per district policy and it is a pain to coordinate staff to allow 500 students in a particular timeframe to delete the apps.


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We just recievd about 200 iPads and upon first start up the Native Apple Apps such as the App Store, iTunes U, and Clips are all populating as unmanaged on JAMF. AIR Secure Test 5.0 5.0 Managed 17 MB 48 KB
Apple Store 501010 Unmanaged 79 MB 60 KB
BlueBot 9 1.17 Managed 36 MB 144 KB
Chrome 72.0.3626.74 72.3626.74 Managed 68 MB 18 MB
Classroom 2.2019.06304 2.2019.06304 Managed 190 MB 652 KB
Clever 4 3.1 Managed 7 MB 320 KB
Clips 4170.3.90 2.0.4 Unmanaged 124 MB 16 KB
codeSpark 12256 2.27.00 Managed 165 MB 2 MB
Docs 1.2019.08203 1.2019.08203 Managed 209 MB 76 KB
GarageBand 4973.34 2.3.6 Managed 1.58 GB 12 KB
Google Earth 9.2.42 Managed 209 MB 2 MB
iChineseReader 1.0 11 Managed 85 MB 12 KB
IL 1.121.1063 1.121.1063 Managed 300 MB 156 KB
iMovie 4147.7.82 225 Managed 656 MB 24 KB
iTunes U 2410 3.6.1 Unmanaged 54 MB 24 KB

Clips isn't even scoped to these iPads, is it now a standard install from Apple onto iPads?


Yeah, clips falls into their list of apps now. the biggest thing was when they initially launched clips, it was with an iOS update. Somehow they installed it as unmanaged, so we had to go back and delete it off again. Clearly Apple is doing something with their own apps to make this happen, I am curious if now they are doing it by design or accidentally.

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We are now having this same problem. Has anyone found a solution to this?

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Me too. We are still having an issue with this. Apple apps reverting to unmanaged apps. It is ridiculous doing this to 500 iPad's.