Managed Apple ID Pre-work: Determining Impacted Users

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A Jamf Pro Computer Extension Attribute which returns enterprise-domain Apple IDs

Managed Apple ID Pre-work.png


Like most organizations, we want the best — most secure — experience for our users. So, naturally, we’ve investigated leveraging Managed Apple IDs.

While Managed Apple IDs come with some fairly signification limitations, my personal favorite has to be:

Allows browsing but not purchasing, paid or free in: App Store

However, the promise of a Shared iPad is quite alluring.

The Rub

I also suspect “the rub” for most organizations who wish to federate their domain is Apple’s unwillingness to inform the enterprise which of their users will be impacted before federation is enabled:

… but you can’t see their actual personal Apple ID.

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Looks good... off to test.. 😎 and yes.. the 'you have $LOTS of conflicts' but we won't tell you.. is just.. very.. Apple..