Management account is missing


Hello everyone!

I'm trying to update our Mac in JAMF Pro (Cloud) to the latest MacOS versions and I'm seeing a lot of computers being Supervised: No and missing our management account in Local User. The funny thing is, they are checking in and inventory updates but I can't seem to send commands or even try to re-enroll through API, I get 401.


How can I re-enroll them to have the management account back in and without them to wipe and re-enroll. There must be a way to re-enroll without impacting the user ?


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Any recent changes to the management account password?

Not sure if this is the API method you've tried, but Jamf support recently pointed me to this guide for re-erolling machines that are checking into: Jamf

This didn't resolve my issue (unrelated MDM issues), but may be worth a try for you

Nope, I never changed it, left it in there with a random password since day one.

Yeah, I did try the API pushing with the Jamf Managment Framework, it does the push but then I go into the machine's management and you can see commands are all pending. So it's working half way... I'm trying to find a way to re-enroll without the user doing it manually from or email invitation. Thanks

The error I get from the API site: 

Computer with given id does not exist

Media type
  "httpStatus": 400,
  "errors": [
      "code": "8675309",
      "field": "Name",
      "description": "I've just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours",
      "id": "3"

Hi @Frank_Sonder , did you solve this? I have a machine that is unsupervised and can't be reenrolled using the API either. I see the same error, no ID found.


No, unfortunately, I've never been able to fix this. I see the computer in JAMF but the service account is not there, and all tasks in management are just sitting there doing nothing.

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Was the MDM profile added via DEP and set to non-removable?  Is it marked as "Verified" in System Preferences?  When was the machine enrolled in Jamf originally? 

Machine was enrolled 2 years ago manually I believe and yes we have a policy config profile that locks the profile and we cannot remove it