Managing an authenticated iPad App within a cart scenario


Hello all,

I am revisting my iPad scenario where I have a cart of managed iPads. I've installed Adobe's "Adobe Draw" app. With this app, it requires the student to log in with their Adobe ID in order to use the app.

Is there a way to schedule something that would either remove the app at a set time thus having to reinstall the app the next time they use the iPad in the class?

My issue is that the users account info is not removed or wiped after they finish the class. If the next class comes in to use the iPads, they will be able to use that students account.

Any suggestions on this? I believe this is going to be the same if they use the Google Drive app and don't log out after they are finished.

Are we able to do any type of scripting with the iPads within JAMF.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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@grecopj Well, if the other class does not need the app, you could create a blacklisted app profile that would just remove the app from the home screen and not allowed it to be launched. You could create a schedule to push that out based on the times of the class. Maybe shared iPad's would work in this case.


This is actually the first semester that they are going to be using the iPads within a class. I have only one class going to use them at the moment, a Monday evening class. Another concern with this is, at the next Monday nights class, if they don't get the same iPad from the cart, they will have another users account loaded if it was not logged out.

Thank you. The shared iPad idea might be an idea. I guess I am thinking of how I use my labs where all user accounts are deleted on logout. Wish that was an option on the iPad.