Many to Many Logins on Mac Studios

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**To preface--we are still AD binded at the moment as was set up by my predecessor(s). We want to move away from this as much of the Jamf community recommends this but as we need to make this work for students now, so just focusing on the problem detailed below. 

I post about this previously but I have discovered that our lab macs set up with Name & Password but keep switching to a user list (such that a new user cannot sign in/create another local account) seems to be happening when users are not signing out before leaving the computer/restarting/shutting down. So I suspect the list of people are just the people who are still signed in and just lock the computer and the device doesn't allow for other users to "switch profiles". On our windows computers, we can simply click switch users, but I haven't been able to figure out how to display this on the macs. 

Any advice?

Thanks! ~G


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How are you configuring the login window?  If you are using a profile with the Login Window payload, you can set things like name & password fields vs. list of users, fast user switching & logging out users after a period of inactivity.


Even if you keep the "list of users" option, users can always get to the name & password field using option-return with any user in the list selected.

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It ended up being really simple--just need to enabled fast switching (embarrassing lol) I thought it was something more complicated initially bc of a myriad of issues with the previous mac management setup.

Thank you!