Map to a specific user on a computer

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Hi everyone!
Random question... I am working with some library software known as Follett-Destiny. We are trying to get this program to automatically sync with our PowerSchool program. The way this is done includes the following: PowerSchool creates a csv file and drops in on a Windows server housed in a network closet. FD...which is hosted online... then goes out and grabs the file and runs it to update all our students in the library directory.

To get the computer to grab this file, we have to map a directory on the FD website to our PowerSchool server which has multiple users. The CSV file we're mapping to is sitting on the desktop. Is there a way to map to a this specific user/file??

Here's a picture of the FD website where it's asking us to map to the CSV file...

I know this is not really JAMF related, but I'm just using any resource I can think of... thanks!


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Are you wanting the user to interact with the file in any way? or only the computer? ie: hide the action from the user.
You can mount drives hidden with something like from a command line or script.

mkdir /Volumes/TheShare
mount -o nobrowse -t smbfs //TheServer/TheShare /Volumes/TheShare

This will mount the share and it is accessible when addressed directly, but not visible through the GUI.

If you want it visible remove the -o nobrowse

If you want to make shares that only the current user can see (not other users who switch) then make a mount point inside the users profile ie:

mkdir /Users/TheUser/SomeDirectory/TheShare
mount -t smbfs //TheServer/TheShare /Users/TheUser/SomeDirectory/TheShare