Mapping Home Drive to user's AD Home Folder

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Hi all,

Just reaching out to see what people are doing to Map user's Home Drive to their AD Home Folder, allowing the user to log into multiple difference devices and accessing their Documents etc without having to navigate to a mounted shared drive.

Currently running Mojave with the intent to move to Catalina in the near future.

Appreciate any guidance or advice.


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We use a slightly modified version of this solution.

I've also applied this solution to a handful of machines. That blog post talks about redirecting to cloud storage but the same principles could be applied to shares on your network.


We are on High Sierra here. Our users are bound to AD, get Mobile Accounts and their home directories are forced. All set in Directory Utility and puts a nice little globe on their dock. My issue is getting a second drive, assigned by their division, to do the same thing.

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Hey- how could I use a script to allow users to log in to their machine, and for their home folder to be their user directory on a Synology NAS?