Maxon Cinema 4D R14 Package Building

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Just a quick note, I had searched previously and not located many articles about this software. There is an awesome article about how to allow others to invoke the NetRender part of C4D on other locked computers, but I was wondering what was a known good method of building this as a package to deploy. I was successfully able to build a package using a normal snapshot/composer and then making a dmg. I have deployed via manual trigger to both SL and ML test machines and so far everything seems to be working well. I will be working on a method to create a dmg for the updates which are needed and include some of the extras ( "goodies" in maxon world). I hope to piggy back this on the original install and have all in 1 install, update, and extras added package. I will update this thread as to which method(s) I end up getting to work overall so that it will hopefully save someone some time in the future.


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Hi MIke,

How did you get on with this in the end? I am in the same boat as you. C4D package created fine but now I need a way to manage the updates outside of installing them manually through C4D.

Look forward to your reply.