Maxon One .APP install from JAMF

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We are trying to deploy the new Maxon One .app from JAMF, however standard packaging seems to fail each time.

We had the same issue before with Red Giant Manager.

Seems to be an issue with it installing and running the RedGiant Link service.

It looks like it installs , however when you launch it, it gives the error that it needs to be fixed, and then just recycles through the same error.


Does anyone have this working? and if so how?




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Hello Brian, I have exactly the same issue (using MacOS12.4 and Composer 10.38) If I figure it out I will report back, if you have since found a solution I'd appreciate some pointers


I just tested this on a brand new deployment. For a lab deployment, you need the automatic login script from Maxon available here: How to setup the Maxon App for Automatic Logins 

Here is the workflow I just tested successfully:

  1. Modify the MaxonAppLogin.command using TextEdit (or your favorite text editor)
    1. /Library/Application\ Support/Maxon/Tools/./mx1 user login -u <YOUREMAIL> -p <YOURPASSWORD>
    2. Make sure your Maxon Account Password doesn't have a special character in it.
  2. Download the Maxon One App Installer
  3. Drop the Maxon One into a hidden location on your build computer
  4. Package the hidden Maxon One as DMG in Composer and upload to Jamf
  5. Create a policy deploying the installer app to your computer
  6. Add a Files & Processes setting to the policy configured to the following
    1. <path to Maxon One>/Maxon One
  7. Save and run the policy

The expected behavior is that once the installer app is copied to the machine, the script runs and installs the Maxon application into the Applications folder.

For just deploying the Maxon One app (assuming the end-user has a login) you can just call the script inside the Maxon One file.


@Joseph_Morris I too delivered Maxon one like you did only that I used a script to perform the install.

How did you license apps to run? I have followed all the instructions in the Maxon App Automatic login, however after installing Cinema 4D 2023 the license is not activated until I run the command 

./mx1 license activate

That command licenses the maxonone apps to work.

However I thought I would script the command but the command does not run in a script just only in terminal.

How did you get your automation of licensing in labs?

So I built three JAMF packages

  1. DMG installer
    1. Cinema 4D installed using Composer standard package installation capture process.
  2. DMG Installer
    1. Maxon App located in /private/tmp/ -- Using Composer Drag & Drop
  3. DMG installer -- Using Composer drag & Drop
    1. com.maxon.mxlogin.agent.plist in /Library/LaunchAgents/
    2. MaxonAppLogin.command inside /Library/Application Support/Maxon/Tools/

When packaging the MaxonAppLogin.command you will need to run a chflags -hidden on the file before dragging the /Library/Application Support/Maxon/Tools/ folder into Composer. This will hide the command from regular users preventing them from grabbing your maxon account credentials.

Your MaxonAppLogin.command should look similar to this: /Library/Application\ Support/Maxon/Tools/./mx1 user login -u <Your Maxon Account Username> -p <Your Maxon acct password>

The "./mx1" is for the hidden file to be called by the LaunchAgent

Do note that your Maxon Account password apparently can't contain special characters as it will get rejected by the command.


Installation process was as follows:

Created Smart Group for Cinema 4D being installed

Created Smart Group for Maxon App being installed with criteria "Cinema 4D package installed by Jamf"

  1. Install Cinema 4D DMG package - scoped to labs
  2. Install Maxon App DMG package with an additional command attached via the Files & Processes policy item - scoped to Cinema 4D Installed Smart GroupScreenshot 2022-09-08 at 4.26.30 PM.png
  3. Install the LaunchAgent & MaxonApp.Login.command DMG so it installs into the Maxon Tools folder.  - Scoped to Smart Group for Computers with Maxon App installed.

When an update for the Maxon App is released, I simply update my DMG in JAMF, flush the logs for the Maxon App and LaunchAgent policies and let it go.

Once all three policies trigger, any user logging into the computer should automatically have the Maxon App licensed via the app on the institution account and floating licenses applied.