McAfee Agent and McAfee Endpoint pkg as Jamf policies

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There are a few existing threads about putting the McAfee Agent install script into a package and creating a policy for deployment.

However, I have been having issues getting this to work. Full transparency I am not that well versed in scripting.

To install the McAfee Endpoint security software the McAfee agent needs to be installed by running a script. We currently do this manually after imaging by doing the following:
Take file from flash drive and move to desktop
in Terminal:

cd desktop
sudo chmod +x
enter password
sudo ./ -i

My hope is to create a policy that automates this and installs the Agent, and then have a second policy (or bundled into one) that installs the endpoint security software.

The biggest issue is that most of the existing threads, answers state, just add a post install script, however I don't know enough about scripting to just write one, or know what needs to be changed from a provided example. Also, our configurations create the main user account as a standard user and we have hidden local admin account, so the script would need to work in this scenario.


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Check out lots of examples and different ways to do the same thing.

When running the installer from jamf, it runs as Root and not local user so you should be good there.
I just started running into a problem with not working on 10.15 after Apple started with the Read-Only stuff. The script wants to write there and can't so the rest of the script fails.