McAfee native installer package

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Hi Everyone,

Figured I'd post this in Jamf Nation so people can find it easily.

McAfee has a "upvote system" similar to Jamf Nation's feature requests.

There's a feature request in their system for a native PKG for installing on Mac, please go and upvote if you use or are looking at McAfee:


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Dealing with this right now @prbsparx . Will upvote.
BTW, the script iteration that we're using now does benefit from being small (~17MB) and of course when it has to pull from the console, it's getting the newest content.
The full pkg is out of date as soon as it's made. But I think that certain pieces could be in a pkg form to save so much bandwidth.
Either way, it's going to pull from the JPS or your console.

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Went there and voted up despite not honestly being a McAfee user. Vendors really need to be focusing on getting Mac admin friendly installers. Sadly many vendors don't get that. I'm thinking of Adobe squarely right now. Sure I have a PKG, but I don't like that it isn't signed and it is basically only a wrapper for a bad Setup system that they built.


Thanks @prbsparx for sharing the link, signed up and voted up your suggestion!