MDM Capable Users, Clear/Update?

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I just enabled a policy that runs a script to update user assignments at login. I got it from the always useful macmule site..

It looks to be running fine overall, however I noticed today that it is assigning machines not based on the user logging in, but as the first user in "MDM Capable Users".

One example, is I have 3 computers assigned to an ex-employee, even though that user is not on the machine, however the ex-employee is listed first under MDM Capable Users. The Last User reported by JSS is the correct, current user on the system.

Seems the only way this field is cleared is if I delete the system from JSS and re-enroll. Has anybody had any experience like this and come up with a more graceful solution?

Thanks! sk


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Ive seen this too. So I've gone back to using a login script to write the username to a file and then as part of our weekly inventory policy I update the JSS using a recon command: /usr/sbin/jamf recon -endUsername

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I did something similar, took the last 10 console entries that were for AD accounts from a last command and used the most common one. then passed it back as endUsername