MDM for macOS/APFS

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I read this article today...


There's even a quote from JAMF in it.

So, thoughts?


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I was one of the people quoted in the article.

It's coming. Maybe not for 10.13, but APFS is going to help make macOS a lot like iOS. We'll likely lose the ability to image Macs or bypass SIP. The art of installing software and configuring settings on macOS is going to be a lot more like iOS. Config profiles for everything! Apple will need to extend the MDM schema to add functionality...

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I heard from a fairly reliable source (may or may not work for a fruit company) that by the middle of next year we will no longer be able to image a Mac. By image I mean erase and drop a monolithic image onto the machines. I would probably take that a step further and guess that we will not be able to replace the OS at all, period.

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: )

I am upset that it has taken this long. Four years to get Touch ID unacceptable!