MDM Wipe of iPads causes apps to install, remove and install themselves multiple times on re-enroll


We've been testing Jamf's return to service and Remote Wipe  mass action commands on our iPads and we run into some kind of bug where apps that are set to "auto-deploy" are being installed and removed multiple times during enrollment. This takes what should be a process that takes a few minutes to 20 minutes. I'm not sure if We've boinker something up in the scoping or if this is just a by-product of handling this through MDM. I don't notice the same behavior if we do a recovery mode wipe of the device through Finder.






I've been playing with Return to Service in our environment, and I haven't been seeing that happen with the devices I've been using. Are the apps in question scoped to all devices or specific groups? I can imagine seeing something like this occurring if a smart group were set up in a particular way.

Matthew Prins -- Jamf Scripts @ Github

That would actually track. I inherited this Instance about a year and half ago as a helpdesk guy (with minimal prior experience in System Administration mind you).


The Previous admin made 100's of pre-stage enrollment groups and most of the smart groups we used are scoped to the wording of the Pre-Stage enrollment group. 


Moving devices into different prestages is how we define their position/building etc. Not ideal, but i haven't found a good way to overhaul the entire system just yet.