Meraki Systems Agent Deployment

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We use Meraki in our environment and have been able to deploy previous versions of the Systems Agent via Policy from Jamf without issue. With the current version 3.1.3 downloaded from our Meraki dashboard, the policy installation via Jamf fails. When installing manually directly on the computer, the installer requests our network identifier, which it didn't do before with versions of the agent downloaded directly from our Meraki dashboard. Any ideas how to bundle that into the installer or is there some file I can create pre agent instal that it will reference? Hopefully someone else uses Meraki and has run into this and resolved it. Also created a help ticket with Meraki but they are usually not so helpful. The only change to the policy that has been working for the past two years is the update of the package that is installed, which has not be a problem for previous versions.


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You have to package the agent installer so it is installed in a temporary location. Then run a post install script the starts the installer and includes flags with your network identifier and to force silent install.

Here is the script in run.

launchctl unsetenv enrollment_code && launchctl unsetenv organization_id && launchctl setenv 
enrollment_code <network_id> && installer -pkg </path/to/temp/location/of/installer/> -target / &
& launchctl unsetenv enrollment_code && launchctl unsetenv organization_id
Hope this helps!


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Thanks this is much more helpful than what Meraki support told me. Which was just this link.